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Trail Pass

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Trail Pass (Ages 18 and up)

Access to our otherwise private horseback riding trails.

For years we have had guests say that our trails are some of the most beautiful they have ever seen…and we tend to agree! And we know that horse lovers are always looking for new places to ride. Our trail is 4.1 miles with approximately 250 yards in which you have to backtrack on the same trail to go around some terrain obstacles.

With our trail pass you bring your own horse and tack and have unguided access to our riding trails! By purchasing a trail pass you agree to the following rules:

– You accept all risk and liability, we are not responsible for injuries incurred by you or your animal
– No entry without current negative coggins
– Liability waiver must be signed prior to entry
– You will not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to start time
– You will stay on marked trails
– You will follow directional signs on trails
– You will not approach any of our animals
– You will exit the premises by the scheduled time

Because of the nature of our onsite businesses, these rules are extremely important and necessary. We have over 75 horses, for their health and safety we can’t have you onsite without a current coggins. We can’t allow you to arrive more than 30 minutes prior as our parking area will be full. It is critical that you follow directional signs and STAY ON MARKED TRAILS; riding unmarked areas can lead to, among countless other things, soil erosion, damage to trees, damage to agricultural fields, disruption of safe zones for our whitetail deer herd, spooking our horses, spooking other riders and injury to you and your horse as there are many old sections of cattle fence and steel posts in the woods which are often hidden by vegetation as well as unsafe terrain, holes, washouts, potentially dangerous dead or dying trees, etc.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in an immediate removal from the premises, a lifetime ban from purchasing trail passes and your liability for any and all damages incurred by us to our premises and livestock due to your failure to obey the rules.

Trail Map

Trail Map